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8 years ago during the holidays I took my 53 year old woman, a porn theater and had sex with her while watching a bunch of guys and masturbated. When I blow my load ld it, let the kids have an idea of ​​its slot filled with sperm. I enjoyed the experience many times since then and I masturbated thinking about it. I know she is well, ashemaletube because we have never discussed with us no longer play in order. Leaving two strangers who feel as if all his idea and began to moan. The next day, but she said it is one thing that once was. She had done it, and it was fun, but ashemaletube not be repeated. I mentioned a few times in recent years, but always said it was all in the past. Then a month ago we were on vacation again and walk around town and went through a theater for adults, and when we shook hands and said, 'Ask what movies are playing today,' he said, could come and see, but I said no today asI was not dressed in t for her, she wore jeans and a sweater. The next day I took her past the theater to think again, say no, again, as I was dressed, as before, but now when I hit her he was going to go to the bathroom to change. I paid the entrance to the theater and waited while she went to the bathroom. When he came out wearing a poncho, a blanket with a hole in the middle for the head. Underneath she was naked, I could ashemaletube see most of her tits, while she was at her side. My cock immediately jumped out as I took her back through the narrow hallway. In the bathroom I had to go through the back of the store to go to the theater, but was quick as he went slowly forward to the many sex toys on the wall to get there. There were several people browsing the shelves and seeing Lisa, who focused their attention on it. They stood near one of the men leaned over and taking a big dildo which hav grids take a look at her naked body under the poncho. I could not believe it, t, how risky it was. She gave a good view over the dildo then returned to the grid. The guy wanted to make conversation, he said, thinking of buying one for his wife. My wife smiled and said. ' It was ashemaletube a shame he could not, t try before you buy ', ashemaletube 'Why do not you try, he said, and if you do not like what I bought for my wife,' she looked and smiled and said he was very generous. He stooped and picked ashemaletube it up again and this time everyone in the store is close enough to take a look. The guy who was talking to had an erection evident. 'Come with me and we buy,' he said, laying his hand on his back and carried them off. She looked at me and I could only nod and go to the bar in the front of the store. I could hardly believe I was talking to the man at the counter now, while she was almost ashemaletube naked and the man with the money rubbing against her and explained that ' the lady liked the look of a toy, but wanted to try the size' I felt a little embarrassed by all this, but also active. Everyone knew to hug my wife and she was there with a dildo ashemaletube the size of the tail of a horse in hand and the arm of a stranger to them. Do not you, not even object when it slipped from his hand on her ass and then under the poncho. I looked about 6 other guys standing around the store to see everything while playing with her to see. I thought, to what extent this and decided to go Do not, t want the dildo and said lets go see a movie. There was only one man in the theater when we went away, but much faster. The man followed us Gavin dildo when we sat down and pulled over and asked if he could join us and told Lisa she could. When he sat down beside him turned to me and kissed me when we kissed I felt her hand between us under the poncho feel her big tits. youGHT s do not have all the fun, so I slid my hand to grab her and she immediately opened her legs so I could have a good feel of her pussy. The theater is small, with ashemaletube room for about 50 left, but except for our little corner in which ashemaletube half a dozen guys all jerk wildly as they watched, they were surrounded by vacuum. Gavin had his cock well, but I realized it was Lisa, the hands to caress him. Now his hands on both ashemaletube sides of his poncho caressing her breasts. She had twisted and turned in his seat with his back to his feet apart and knees in my lap while I fucked her until she moaned loudly as his fingers orgasm exploded. I was aware of some of the men peaked stood up and spunk on the side of the face. She asked me a handkerchief to wipe his hand and I noticed Gavin had cum too. I followed her into the bathroom to clean them and change them and ended up fucking as she took off her jeans to wear. That was a great dayI just hope that now I have to wait another eight years to do it again.
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